Thank you for choosing the All About Windows Defogging process. We have a high level of confidence in our service and are please to offer the following Limited Lifetime Warranty to all residential and commercial defogging customers.

The warranty begins immediately upon completion of the All About Windows Defogging SW service and receipt of payment.

a. The warranty is fully transferable as long as the original receipt is produced for any warranty claim.

b. All claims must be made in writing or via email to the All About Windows Defogging Licensee within 30 days of noticing any problem. 

The warranty covers against the accumulation of moisture although it is common for windows to re-fog temporarily with fluctuations of temperature causing the desiccant to release moisture.

c. A refund* of the price of defogging a unit if, after all measures are taken, the moisture cannot be removed from between window panes. * The refund will be at the sole discretion of All About Windows Defogging SW.

Factors affecting the drying of a window are as follows:

  • Type of window ie. triple pane windows can hold more moisture than a dual pane (several cups of water)
  • Stage the window is at prior to the defogging process. See below.
  • Orientation on the building.
  • Poor ventilation ie: window is shaded by tree/bush, seal blockage, cladding, north facing.
  • Humidity level.
  • Time of year treatment is done ie: October units will still dry (at a slower rate) over the winter.

This warranty does not cover any damage or defect due to misuse, abuse or accident such as:

  1. Unauthorized modifications including use of heat source on treated window ie: hairdryer, heat gun.
  2. Damage caused by chemicals, salt, acid rain, airborne pollutants or corrosive substances.
  3. Stains, etching, or pitting on glass caused by existing mineral deposits +/or desiccant. Rated at STAGE 5.
  4. Seepage due to improper caulking or faulty trim including but not limited to improper maintenance of paint.
  5. Fire, flood, acts of nature or other contingencies beyond the control of AAW Defogging SW. ie: shifting of building.
  6. The breakage of tempered glass if not clearly (white acid) etched.
  7. Certain Low-E coatings become compromised as the window fails. This is considered a pre-existing condition and is not covered under the warranty.
  8. On occasion, the spacers have been installed using an inferior adhesive. Heat from the sun and/or moisture may cause them to release.


  • AAW Defogging SW will advise customers as to the realistic expectation they should have regarding the result of having their window(s) defogged. The cleaning solution can rid windows of some stains but residual may remain.


An AAW Defogging certified technician has just re-engineered your window(s). The visible moisture was only part of the problem. Our system will now allow the desiccant under the spacer to release the moisture held within.

It is expected for windows to re-fog intermittently while the desiccant is releasing moisture.

NB: This may show as frost in the winter. This is a natural part of the drying process

The vents will allow residual moisture to be expelled

      Stage        Will Appear Dry        Re-Fogging                                            Desiccant Dry

  1.               70% in 1 week             Re-fog intermittently in 1st winter         Dry
  2.               70% in 3 weeks            Re-fog intermittently in 1st winter        Dry
  3.               70% in 5 weeks            Re-fog intermittently in 1st winter        Dry
  4.               70% in 7 weeks            Re-fog intermittently for 2 winters        Dry
  5.               70% in 10 weeks          Re-fog intermittently for 3 winters        Dry