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The Problem

Most believe that moisture in their windows is a sign that the “seal is broken”. THIS IS FALSE!

The truth is, the absorbing material (desiccant) built into the window`s seal is saturated. If not repaired quickly, moisture will continue to accumulate and permanent glass damage will occur.

The Solution

Our process re-engineers the window so heat and moisture cannot accumulate. We do this by installing our proprietary UV resistant membranes on vents. When solar pumping action occurs, the membrane allows your window to expel heat and moisture. This allows the desiccant to dry, thus restoring the ”R” value and your view.

Why Choose Us?

All About Windows Defogging specializes in window defogging. We have successfully defogged thousands of windows and through our ongoing dedication to continuous improvement, we have developed a SUPERIOR PROPRIETARY PROCESS that allows us to provide a transferrable LIFETIME WARRANTY.


Jeff, the owner and defog specialist was great. When I called him 2 months ago, my 7 panel bow windows were all fogged up. I had a ballpark price for replacing them from a window replacement company but I called All About Windows for a consult as I saw one of their ads. It did not take Jeff long to diagnose my problem and to advise on a remedial course of action. He advised that my windows were an older type of dual pane with less air space between the panes than current models, and therefore he could not apply their solution for effective results. However he told me to remove the interior storms that were on it explaining how it was trapping the moist air and causing the condensation on its cold surface and that in fact, the dual panes did not have any internal fogging problem. He also told me to keep the furnace on circulate all the time and to position the sheer curtain to allow for air movement over the glass. For added effect we also positioned a small circulating fan to help move the air around the windows. The windows have been frost free for the past 2 months. With the older dual panel having such a narrower air space, the R factor is less so the area around the windows were a bit cooler and likely the reason why the previous house owners put in the interior storms – creating a better insulator but installed in such a way that it promoted condensation on the cold side. We have solved the problem of a cooler area by the windows by using our gas fireplace more often to warm it up a bit. It’s cozy and the windows are clear. I appreciate Jeff’s input and help in solving our problem even though it didn’t require me to hire his company. He certainly understands his business and for me it was the best outcome of a service call I could have hoped for. Thanks again.
Len G.

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