Lifetime Warranty


Thank you for choosing the All About Windows solution. All About Windows is pleased to offer the following limited lifetime warranty* on all residential and commercial restoration services. The warranty period begins immediately upon completion of the All About Windows service. All claims must be made in writing or via e-mail to the All About Windows dealer within 30 days of discovery of any damage or defect.

Factors affecting the drying of a window are as follows:

  • Type of window i.e. triple pane windows can hold more moisture than dual pane
  • Amount of moisture in window’s spacer prior to All About Windows treatment
  • Orientation on building
  • Poor ventilation i.e.: window shadowed by tree/bush, hole blocked, cladding
  • Humidity level

This warranty does not cover any damage or defect due to misuse, abuse or accident such as

  1. Unauthorized modifications.
  2. Damage caused by chemicals, salt, acid rain, airborne pollutants or application of corrosive substances.
  3. Etching or pitting of glass caused by mineral deposits.
  4. Seepage due to improper caulking or faulty trim including but not limited to improper maintenance of paint.
  5. High pressure spraying which includes spraying with a garden hose.
  6. Fire, flood, acts of nature or other contingencies beyond the control of All About Windows.


  1. If a window breaks during our service, it will be replaced with a comparable one to the original, where practicable but customer shall still be responsible for the price of the de-fogging service.
  2. All About Windows dealers will advise customers as to the realistic expecations they should have regarding the result of having their window de-fogged. The All About Windows solutions can rid windows of some stains but residual may remain.
  3. 80% of the cost of treatment (minus tax) will be applied toward replacement by All About Windows’ affiliate should we be unable to remove the moisture.

The Problem

Most believe that moisture in their windows is a sign that the “seal is broken”.THIS IS FALSE!

The truth is, the absorbing material (desiccant) built into the window`s seal is saturated. Accumulation of moisture in the desiccant is due to the constant heating and cooling
of the airspace between the panes of glass (solar pumping). If not repaired quickly, moisture will continue to accumulate and permanent glass damage will occur.

The Fix:

Our service is performed onsite with minimal inconvenience to the customer and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

An All About Windows Defogging technician will install
our proprietary, UV resistant micro-vents onto your window. Our process re-engineers your window so heat and moisture can no longer accumulate. This allows the desiccant to dry, thus restoring the”R”value and your view.