The Solution

The All About Windows Defogging process re-engineers the window so moisture cannot accumulate.

How We Can Help You 

Our service is performed on-site with minimal inconvenience to the customer and is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

The All About Windows Defogging process re-engineers the window so heat and moisture cannot accumulate. This is accomplished with portals onto which our proprietary UV resistant membranes are installed. When the solar pumping action occurs, the membrane will expel the heat and moisture.  This allows the desiccant to dry, thus restoring the ”R” value and your view. 

Dual pane, Triple pane, Low E coated and Heat Mirror windows can all be saved, but time is of the essence! 

After The All About Windows Defogging Treatment 

An All About Windows Defogging certified technician has just re-engineered your window(s). The visible moisture was only part of the problem. Our system will now allow the desiccant under the spacer to release the moisture held within. It is common for windows to re-fog intermittently while the desiccant is releasing residual moisture. N.B. This may show as frost in the winter. This is a natural part of the drying process. The membranes will allow any residual moisture to be expelled in the form of vapour. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Thank you for choosing the All About Windows Defogging solution. We have a high level of confidence in our service and are pleased to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to all residential and commercial de-fogging customers.